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History of Alberto Strutzel / Barra Bonita/SP - Brasil


Office and residence of the Strutzel Family, former headquarters of the AABB and today the College ADV



Alberto Strutzel street, seen from above and below



Tomb of Alberto Strutzel and his son Arnaldo

 Strutzel Family Coat of Arms

Strutzel Family Coat of Arms

Through the site https://www.joinville.sc.gov.br/publicacoes/listas-de-imigrantes-de-joinville/
I got important information from Strutzel's coming from Germany to Brazil.

This listing consists of "August STÜRZEL", 39 years old, farmer, Rienow, Pomerânia, with woman Anna (38),children Albert (11), Bertha (9), Hermann (3), Gustav (3), Anna (1 month), with dad Ludwig (70), widower, protestants, 4 volumes. (J e L)

Ship: BUENOS AYRES (through of R. O. Lobedanz)
Capitan: Lorenzen
Departure from Hamburgo: 19/04/1877
Arrival in São Francisco: 22/05/1877, Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.
Destiny: São Francisco
Passengers on board: 194 L 190 J
Births on board: -
Deaths on board:

The detail in common is that the ship left Hamburg on 04/19/1877 and Alberto Strutzel was born on 03/27/1866, thus beating his age on the record of the ship, 11 years old.

If someone knows more data or has some corrections to make, talk to me: mstrutzel@terra.com.br